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Intense Workouts, Only 25 Minutes!

The days of struggling to fit a workout into a busy schedule are over! BodMod was established to give everyone a chance to fit a 25 minute workout into their hectic days. Cardio and Strength Training are the building blocks of every effective Fitness regimen. At BodMod we have a room devoted to intense 25minute Cardio workouts. Our Strength Room offers 25 minute Full Body and Body Part Specific classes such as Abs and Butt 25.

We have built a guide for clients as to how to effectively use combinations of BodMod Classes to achieve Fitness goals. See our Mix to Fix Section.

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The TRX can be a very effective weapon in your fitness arsenal. Some benefits to TRX training include: - Being able to train multiple muscle groups with a single apparatus - Forces core engagement on almost every movement - Can be utilized by people of any fitness level BodMod uses the TRX in our classes for these reasons. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned workout warrior - 25 minutes is all you need! Come check out one of our Full Body, HIIT, or TRX classes! #NYC #classes #HIIT #fullbody #workout #TRX #training #spin #cycle #barre #lean #fun #abs #stretch #fitness #motivation #BodMod

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