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Spin And Ski 25

The BodMod signature cardio class is a challenging 25 minutes of full body cardio. It consists of 22 minutes of intense interval spinning followed by 3 minutes of heart pounding effort on the ski machine. The bikes are outfitted with foot cages for sneakers or you can bring your spin shoes with SPD cleats.


Core Cardio 25

A cardio intensive class that uses the bikes, skiers, and includes a section of mat work for abs.


TRX 25

Total Body Resistance Exercises! By using the TRX bands, you rely on your strength, balance, and coordination to get you through this rigorous full body workout.


TRX Cardio 25

TRX Cardio 25 is a fun mash-up of cardio exercises followed by traditional TRX conditioning with the bands.


TRX Core 25

This TRX class focuses specifically on moves that target your abs. You'll walk out of the class with a full six-pack.



High Intensity Interval Training! Our HIIT class works all the major muscle groups. It consists of a series of strength training exercises performed in intervals with short periods of rest in between.


Cardio Boxing 25

This class combines basic boxing fundamentals, high intensity interval training, and full body strengthening and conditioning. You will be given wraps and boxing gloves.


Shadowbox 25

Shadowboxing is a fighting exercise to develop quick footwork, coordination, and boxing technique. It's a killer workout with a focus on the arms and upper body.


Full body 25

This strength class provides a workout for all major muscle groups in just 25 minutes!


Arms 25

This 25-minute arm-blasting workout tones the biceps, triceps, and forearms.


Abs and Butt 25

A 25 minute workout with a concentration on the abdominal and gluteal muscles.


Core Crusher 25

From planks to crunches to scissors and back again, these 25 minutes focused on the core will get you that beach body year-round.



This is a full body class using the TABATA method. This consists of 20 seconds of intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. This cycle continues for the full 25-minute class.


Dance Cardio 25

Dance Cardio works the full body to the beat in a fun, but challenging class. It includes repetitions, rhythm, and a bit of choreography. No prior dance experience is necessary.


Barre 25

Barre 25 is a full body conditioning class that draws from ballet, yoga, and pilates to help build strength. The goal is to lengthen and tone all muscle groups.


Pilates 25

This 25 minute pilates class takes place lying flat on the mat as well as working at the ballet barre with the use of light eights and the magic circle. Lengthening and strengthening is the primary focus of this class.


Stronger Longer 25

This class works on muscle development from top to bottom. It shows you the muscle groups that you have been neglecting during your training sessions.


Stretch 25

This 25 minute stretch class will improve your fitness game by undoing the tightness in the body. There is also a Stretch for Athletes 25 primarily for those involved in more intensive exercising routines.


Stretch for Athletes 25

This stretching class is geared towards athletes. It targets areas of chronic tightness to help relieve and prevent injuries.


Fast Fascia Fix 25

Our Fast Fascia Fix 25 class uses Soma brand balls to break up the outer fascia layer which thickens with repeated motions. The myofascial release balls go deeper than foam rolling to target muscle adhesions aka "knots." This class will help develop a greater range of motion and mobility and increase mobility for improved circulation. It encourages the body to flush out metabolic waste and repair cellular damage. Trust us, it will "hurt so good!"


Central Park Bootcamp

This is a full body workout. Bring a mat and meet in central park between the reservoir and the tennis courts.